29 November, 2010


I went for a massage today!!! This is my first back massage ever. My back ache so much that I find it hard to stretch my shoulders properly. This is serious. I felt old... =(((

Free time today before my lil sister finishes her tuition and that stupid Khoo Mata ( my eye specialist) did not open so I followed mum to the place we did facial.
I didn't make an appointment like mum, but trust Mr.Lucky to bring me luck. There's space for me for a massage!!!

We changed into these. What ever they called it. Robes? Does not sound right though.

I took a bath before my massage. Then I followed my therapist to the room.
I shared a room with my mum. Was given a bed and have to put my face over the hole in the bed.

This is the hole I meant. =P


Treatment in process.

The gua sha is bearable. I enjoyed it but my back became red. The therapist said that redness is due to the toxic in my body. I have redness over shoulders and the lateral sides of the back midline. I assumed that is over the trapezium. 

Next is the massaging. They called it 指压. I felt pain because I have a lot of '气节' ( not sure how it is wrote) or she explained as accumulated toxic. They will cause interupted blood flow if not removed. Yea I'm TOXIC! *evil grin*.

Then she used something that felt like small hot rollers to roll on my back. I have no idea what that thing looked like because my face is over the HOLE and I have my EYES on my face. 
Sorry I'm just being annoying. =D

The 'roller' was filled with herbs that soothes and relaxes the muscles. It was hot but quite nice. 

Hahah. Now I see what the rollers look like here.So small rupanya!

Sorry I don't have photos my process. Partly because I was really naked with only a blanket covering the youknowwhat parts. So I just grabbed all those up there from the net. But its the same company so they are the same as what I did. =)

I finished in about 1 hour. Quite a new experience for me.

But look at my back!!!!
My mum said it won't fade till a few days... 
But it doesn't hurt. Magical isn't it?

Here's the branch in Raja Uda. Opposite the new KFC. 

If you're up for a try, only 39rm for first trial. But only for LADIES. Sorry gentlemen. =)


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