27 November, 2010

New baby!!!!

This is something I should update long ago before the Kuala Lumpur post.

This is what I've been sticking to lately.
Samsung NX100

I know I know, I said I wanted Ricoh Gx200 before. But thanks to ah girl bestie Swen Khor!!! She is such an expert in introducing me this great baby. 

Its a DSLR!!!

Perfect size Dslr for ladies. I don't want to carry a too-big treasure crate camera out, my neck would hurt. =P

Here are some key specs for those who like the look of it and considering buying a DSLR :-

  • 14.6 Megapixel
  • APS-C Size CMOS Image Sensor
  • 3 inch VGA Screen [AMOLED]
  • ISO 6400 Sensitivity
  • 720p HD Video Recording
  • Sound Picture (Audio Recording Along With Photographed Image).
  • i-Function Controls Shutter speed, aperture, EV, WB etc
  • Optional GPS Module
  • SD/SDHC Support
For more specs click here and here. =)

The most attracting factor of Samsung NX100 is its i-Function lens.
I was told that since I'm a beginner of dslr's, i-Functions lens is super useful. 
I do find it useful!! I don't have to search for menu options to change to aperture or shutter speed or ISO. 
Watch the magic - 

The smart filter is really fuun!!!!!
Here are some photos I played with :-

Smart filter functions : 
1. vignetting

2. miniature

3. fish-eye
omg pregnant.

4. sketch

5. defog

6. halftone dots

7. soft focus

Different photo styles :

1. soft

2. vivid

3. forest

4. autumn

5. misty

6. gloomy

7. classic

All these awesome features are done in the camera itself. =)
Special thanks to my fascinating models, you're great!

Ps:/ I still have SO SO much to learn. I'm camera-blind. 
Waiting for free time my sifu to teach me. =p

I love NX100 

By the way, did I mention that NX is also resembling my name??



Jason~ooi said...


HAha this is my photoblog:)

Steph^^ said...

I thought of getting one. Then I din noe wich to get. so many around but so little to pick. ;(

Ningxi said...

Jason.. What camera u using?? My photos not that nice 1??

Steph, do survey 1st lo. Maybe later will come out nicer ones.. Nikon p7000 quite nice among the not so expensive 1s.. wait for u 2 come back we go photoshooting!! No one here can go with me..=(

Cheen Aik Ang said...

how much you bought it...looks so cool

Ningxi said...

Aik-I bought for 1799. Hahah. Cool a? get 1 too.