08 November, 2010

If I had Rapunzel's Hair

Yea yea, I know its exam period, I shouldn't be here, bla bla.

But its here!!!!!!!!


You haven't heard of it? Well now you should continue reading...

TANGLED is a movie. (Oh everybody knows that!! Cut the crap. )

Ok. Sorry. =P

Walt Disney Animation Studio is coming up with a new awesome 3D animated film.
The release date in the states is 24th November 2010, a day before thanksgiving. In Malaysia if I'm not mistaken its on 25th November, the day after.

Tangled was originally named 'Rapunzel - Unbraided' but due to some reasons they changed the name of the film. But I like the name 'Tangled' more. It makes me curious about a new plot and not the original Rapunzel classic.

This will be the 50th animated feature from Walt Disney Animated Classic series!! And in 3D!! Woohoo!
I remember watching Disney's films ever since I started watching TV. Snow White is the first animated film and its is still among one of the best Disney's film. Then there's The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, Aladdin, Princess and the frog (present) etc etc etc.

'Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair...'

If I had Rapunzel's 70 feet of magical golden hair, there's so many weird but awesome things I can do.
I can really save money and make use of my hair.
~I don't have to buy a blanket. I would wrap myself in my hair and stay warm and cosy all night. Even the coldest night wouldn't be a nuisance. But you shouldn't barge in at my bedroom door without knocking, or what you'll see is a piece of humanly shaped thing wrapped in gold and get the shock of your life. MUMMY!!!!!! =O

This is me. 
See? Before I'm even 1 year old I dream of magical hair wrapping me keeping me warm.

~During a bungee jump, I don't need an elastic cord, magical golden hair will be the perfect cord I need. It will be so cool for others to look at the magical golden 'cord' connecting me to the sky, they will open their mouth and say : AWEEEEE>>>>
Plus I don't have to be afraid to rely on elastic cords in case they break and loosen.


Not exactly like that but close. =P

Now this is what I meant.

Well, not to mention the shampoos, conditioners, hair oil, hair care treatment and whatever stuff I have to use for the 70 feet hair. Hey, it's magical right??? So I don't have to use anything it will still shine in gold! That's comforting.

*Ping*  -Back to the real world.

I have ever-standing hair when I was a baby. 
Or precisely when its very very short.

My hair now.
And its not even close to 10 feet.

How I wish one day I'll wake up with 70 feet of magical golden hair.

Sneek peeks of Tangled-

Mandy Moore as Rapunzel.

Flynn Rider is the voice of Zachary Levi.
Don't they look alike???

Can't wait for the release. =)


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Ningxi said...

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