23 November, 2010

From Kuala Lumpur ♬

*Drums rolling*

Here's the update on our trip to KL last week. Sorry for missing all those lectures for we couldnt arrange a better time for going there after GIT as Chui and Chieng are going to fly 'overseas'..

(This will be a long long post)

Departed on Wednesday midnight from Sungai Petani bus station.
We bought Transnational tickets. Its a VIP bus or what ever you call it.

Aren't VIP bus supposed to be super comfy and made you sleep once you sat in the seats??
I got the LAST two seats where you can't even lie down. We couldn't adjust the seats. grrr...
The seats were an acute angle and me and Chui have to bend our necks the whole journey.
It ended up four of us didnt sleep till we reached Bukit Jalil at 4.30 am.

We all looked really BAD when we reached the hotel. Hoping to get some sleep before we head for crazy shopping.

No check in before noon. We have to wait until 10am the earliest before the staffs can give us our room. =((((

No point to argue. Left our luggage at the hotel and went out to the streets to get some breakfast. KFC is in walking distance.

We saw a prostitute on our way there. A SEX UNIDENTIFIED PROSTITUTE. I think its a 'he' though. 'He' has a voice of a man and called out to some Malay guys when we passed by.
(My hair stands and goosebumps all over.)

I dared not take pictures even though I wanted very much to. I was afraid that 'he' might get angry and start chasing us to be 'his' CUSTOMERS. yuck.

'He' look somehow like this -
( not to mock anybody nor look down on any profession. Just to share something we saw.)

Well, there's something worthmore mentioning about. Kentucky Fried Chicken is the commonest fastfood restaurant in Malaysia. I've been in and out KFC since forever (not that I like the food or what).

This KFC in Chow Kit is the worst restaurant I've visited.
Here's some pictures to show their situation. Why nobody ever complain I don't know.

The red baskets beside are full of bread buns they serve and put together with dirty mop water??

Nobody bothered to pick up the one on the floor.

Empty chilli sauce bottles on display..

Empty display area. Or their purpose really is to display chilli sauce bottles?

Where's the menu?

Dirty scratched place for food and its empty.

Whats the use of the cash machine if you're gonna use a damn calculator??

This is for customers. I wonder how many of them are daring to eat this?


The worst meal we've ever had. Wifi service sucks too.

Reluctant faces..

Little fly wouldn't fly away..

 Chopper board? Pre historical gifts.

Take photo..-Smile-

 No we failed to smile with such food.

With no wifi. Only entertainment is our ipod games - breeding frogs and zombie farm.. 

The thought of KFC might make us puke, thanks to Chow Kit Kentucky Fried Chicken.

After the devastating meal we walked back to hostel.
Eh, hostel pula. We went back to our HOTEL around 7 - 8am.
Here's pictures of us walking back. =p

Sat in the lobby doing stupid stuff. Chui reporting to her big baby. Us three playing around with the camera. Taking videos in HD. YESH! hahaha. 
I couldnt show the videos here though. Wait till I get their permission.

Us lepak-ing in the lobby.

GOOD NEWS!!! Hotel staffs couldn't stand looking at four young beauties (puking) strolling in the lobby with tired faces and gave us the room key!!!! YAYAYAYAYYY!!!( I was mad with happiness)
It was 8 something in the morning.

Going to our room-----

We screamed and shouted once we entered the hotel room. It was fabulous!! Cheap too!
Two King-sized beds furnished with refrigerator, wardrobe, big big mirror and everything with only 158rm. Not forgetting the great window views.

Credits to Sing's sis - Ching Oon, for suggesting Cititel Express.

Here's our hotel. Day view and night view.

Now to sleep. zzZZ.

Planned to wake up at 10am and when the time came, only Chui woke up. She nearly went mad pulling our sheets and waking us up.
Sorry Chui we are pigs when it comes to beauty sleep. *oink.=D

Finally we did wake up and get ready.


Pavillion!!! Farenheit 88!!!
Ok well skip the shopping part as we went mad a bit with Swen's 17 + Chieng's 4 Uniqlo vouchers.

Transportation for the day. -Monorail.
The walk from our hotel to Monorail station is 2 minutes away.
Malays along the way were a bit frustrating as they keep looking as you as if they never seen such amazing graceful animals before. Maybe we went a bit too much for wearing those shades. =p

On the Monorail...

Of course JOGOYA!!!! haha.
We walked to Starhill. Only opposite Pavillion la.

Were shocked to see the entrance to Jogoya was filled with people. Is this normal? I don't know, only been here once and this is the second time.

Maybe its because of the half price offer given to ladies every year end??
Yeah, we got half price!!
Only 57++rm per lady. Its really cheap comparing the food we get here and Tao's. But only when half price is available.

After eating back to Pavillion again to see if we missed any shop.
Swen bought Liese which was out of stock in our place.
Casis berry!!!

She couldn't made her mind which colour to get and was scared the colour might come out too red and in the end we have to force a bit. =p

We dyed her hair in the hotel and played with her hair a bit.
Sorry Arman!! =)
And by the time she washed her hair and came out from the bathroom, three pigs were already in the sheets and have to wait till morning to see the results of her hair...

Well that's another story of day 2!! =)

Go to my facebook for more photos..Its a big job uploading them all here.
And stay tune for Day2!!!



Steph^^ said...

I tell you. I've been craving for kfc since the day I left for russia, and you 4 had to spoil it for me. TT Jealous lar... I pun nak pg kl... >.<

Ningxi said...

Hahah. This restaurant seriously made me hate kfc.. When you come back????!! We go nicer kfc!! And a lot more!!!!! COME BACK!!

Steph^^ said...

COMING LAR. next year. told my parents alr im goin penang. so confirm lar. unless my business belum siap.

Ningxi said...

waiting for you......

Anonymous said...

You are just looking for truble by commenting as though everuthing is bad except you. Come on..what you expect? You want good service go 5 star hote. They even massage your ass. If you come to penang..ring me and service ready for 4e of you..FOC. Finger licking good!!

Ningxi said...

Hello Anonymous!

If you see this means you're visiting my humble blog again. And if you noticed, I haven't complain a single thing about the hotel. I'm actually quite satisfied with the service I got.
Also, FYI, I'm born and raised in Penang. If you don't mind me ringing you please place your contact number, I would LOVE to have free service. Thank you!