14 November, 2010

Respiratory System exam. =0

I'm sorry folks.
Have been sleeping since I got home on Friday.
I had finished my Continuous Assessment on Respiratory System. >>>>,<<<<


Sleepless nightsomg.

Well, the questions were ok. But I only can do about half-half.

Station 1 - Physical Examination

The volunteer patient was sweet. In the sense of smiling shyly. hehe.
I'm so sorry for him because my hands were cold and he got a shock everytime I touched his chest.
Here's some of the palpations and percussions photos we have to do which I got from the net.
Flepping tremor

Tracheal shift examination

Chest expansion

Tactile fremitus / Vocal fremitus


Take a look at this.
Why the examiner's nails SO LONG??!!!

There's a station requiring us to perform endotracheal intubation procedure. I start doing the intubation from the inserting the blade of laryngeoscope and lifting the blade until the opening of vocal cords can be seen. Then I insert the endotracheal tube into the trachea till the marking 124. Inflate the cuff with a syringe. I thought I have finished doing it so I looked at Dr Girish and started deflating the cuff and removing the tube.
Dr Girish looked at me and said 'Everything that is here must be used.'

Then I saw the ambu bag.    omg.
I wanted to repeat the procedure but Dr Girish said times up. sht.
He repeated what he mentioned :'Everything that is here must be used.'
He handed me the stethoscope and the tape but I did not know what to do.
He asked me to stop and answer the questions on the paper instead.

I'm sorry Dr Girish I really did not learn those.


Ambu bag. ( the one I forgot. grr.)

The mannequin similar to ours.

Cuffed endotracheal tube and pivot and syringe.

Other questions were interactive or written ones.
Not much to write cause I forgot what were the questions. =P

Oh, a BAD BAD BAD thing happened to us after the OSCE/OSPE session.
Our session is from 8 something to 10 something.
We came out at 11am and were supposed to be quarantined in MDLabs until 2pm so that we cannot tell the others whose session were timed 2pm what came out for exam.
It was such a long time and what are we supposed to do inside? Since we've finished our exams! Stupid.
So you can guessed what we have done.
Yes we ran away.
Four of us were quite happy when we reached hostels. Finally can get some sleep.
Then Ang called.
Bad news.
We were marked absent for the quarantine and if we don't come back we shall get ZERO for OSCE/OSPE.
What is this???
We went back at last but N.N Kumari has left.
Reluctantly we went in the lab and stayed there.
Stomachs growling already. Planned to go out to have something nice to eat and watch Megamind.
At last at 2pm we can leave.
But no N.N Kumari!!!
All our batchmates left but we have to stay!!
Oh no. Our fault for leaving while they stayed.
So this is balasan. 报应. =(

Waited and waited and waited.
Finally N.N Kumari showed up.
Once she heard the word attendance list she frowned and said NO NO NO.
We tried apologizing and explaining but she just lift her head and said NO NO NO again, then left.
I know it was our fault but I felt deflated. Like the cuff I couldn't see at the endotracheal tube.
Shuwen's eyes watered. I saw but I dare not say anything more. I was too afraid she might cry. ='(

So what will be our destiny? Hope it won't be too harsh or serious.
God help us, please.

That's all for now! Going to sleep. Tomorrow celebrating my mom's birthday!!
Going to Qbay and The Ship. Hoots*.
(sudden mood swing) =D

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