08 November, 2010

De-stressing Machine

Oh my god.

Exams again and again.

Its not even one month after my last CA test.


I'm gonna bite my pen too.

To my batchmates who are also fighting out there, add oil!!!
De-stress is a must.

I'm blogging. 

These few days I'm very relax. Until some level that people thought I'm not a student. 
Whenever its near exams, I try to run away.
Maybe I'm too scared to face it, that's why I throw my notes aside and watch dramas non-stop.
They saved me from stress, after saving me, they kill me with exam results. =(
Maybe at the first time I shouldn't let them save me??

Here's something that made my day. =)

Made me laugh rolling over. =D

Here's the so-cool booby man.

So cute isn't he? =P

Gonna study. Bye peeks.   

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