03 November, 2010


Happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to STEPH,
happy birthday to YOU!!!

It's your 20th birthday and I'm not by your side. Still remember your last birthday in aimst we celebrated together.
Cakes all over you. And the not-to-be-forgotten picture of Kirath pouring mineral water over your head.

Haha.. I laugh just to think of it.

But this year, you're in Russia and I'm still at the same old place, wishing that you're here.
So that I could buy a cake for you, sing a birthday song, and give you a really big hug.

How's life recently? We can't share our joy and sorrows immediately like before, you were just next door, the time I shouted and cried in my room, you rushed over straight away.
Now if I screamed till my head off, someone might come, but you're missing.
I'll never meet another person like you.

Thanks Steph, for being there when I need someone.

I don't have a decent present for you. Just some pictures to show you I much I care.

Sorry blurred... =(

This cake I curi from google image.. When you come back we go eat real one!! =)

I missed you sister.

Hope that everything is as fine as possible in Russia!! Take care, and Come back soon!!

I love you.

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