24 November, 2010

Where are my readers?

Failed geisha. Hope I've not scared you.

Today was a peaceful day for me. My eyes didn't hurt me as much as yesterday.
So overally I am happy. =)

But when it came to my blog I was quite disappointed. Its true that I wrote blogs to update people around me about my life. People come and go from my blog. But none of them would bother to leave me comments!!

I leave people comments in their posts and chatbox but no one leave theirs in mine.
Why is it so??

I felt like I'm writing this post to BEG for comments or footprints. =(
Is it because you have nothing to say after reading my posts? Are my posts so boring and uninteresting  that no one likes them? Or is it because you don't like me so you'll never visit me again, that explains the coldness? Why is it other bloggers have a row of comments so much that they feel lazy to reply everyone? Why mine have none? Not even one??

I need explainations. Just to know. =)
Sorry if you think I'm self-originated or crazy. I'm not special or attractive enough and I know the fact. Just that I love blogging and hope that at least those who know me or close to me will like my posts. Thanks a lot for reading!!!
I love you all!!


By the way, McD is never disappointing. 
I'm loving it.


Jason~ooi said...

walao u also never comment on my blog:(

Ningxi said...

Sorry Jason!!! I leave in chatbox dont i??
Will do from now. You too!!! hahah.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

here i m saying hi to u, hope that counts as another "comment".

Ningxi said...

Thanks a lot Joe. Hahah. Yea that counts. Nice to meet you! And thanks for viewing=)

Cheen Aik Ang said...

Gosh.that was really scary. blood red lipstick.=DDD.i am your reader too ningxi, just that I seldom comment.Keep up the good work,it's a nice blog.=DD

singying said...

hello it's my first visit to your blog, & the first post i read from you is this, so here's my comment! keep it up =P

Ningxi said...

hahah.. Thanks everyone. Looks like I've been over myself. I still have ya all!! =)