21 November, 2010

Birthday Mom.

Sorry for the late post. Have been busy and lazy these fays. Went for kl and blabla.

14th November mom's birthday. Plans have been made for the day two weeks before. =)

Batu Ferringgi - 'The Ship'

It was everybody's first time there, but the mischievous Rain God played water and it rained that night.
( sorry for the bad photo quality, haven't got my NX100 by then.=p)

The washroom entrance and stairs..


bread and butter.

The ship's salad..

My Family.. =)

 Fruit Punch!!! =)

Serving my Au Brandy Steak..

Mom :) Not prepared..

Me and Hong. =)

The stalls outside. I find these quite nice=)

That's all for the update.. More updates coming up:)

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