02 December, 2010

Bye Bye Icecream. ='(

You have been with me for 3 years,
giving me all that I need,
all that I wanted,
I never really touch you at first because there was the white one besides you.
But after it ran away,
you're my everything.

But now,
Why, oh why did you LEAVE ME?????

The first time I saw you at the Baskin Robbins' counter,
I fell in love immediately although what I saw is just a picture.

The next time when I get to see you was when I passed by the mobile phone store,
you were sparkling so brightly at me.
I couldn't resist you.

Finally when I got you,
how overjoyed I was!

I bought a lot of accessories for you,
made you my Barbie doll,
although you may looked like a clown sometimes,
but I just want the best for you.

I took a lot of pictures with you,
sleep with you,
hold on to you night and day,
my wish is to never let you go.

But still,
you LEFT ME.


My dear Icecream.

I shall never forget you.

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