06 December, 2010

Heloo. I feel bad not to blog. It was just 2 days since my last post. 2DAYS. hahah.
But if nobody visits here, my earnings wouldn't increase. And I need money to pay my Ah Long. =P

My boy went 'overseas' again. I won't see him for the week. =(
But I'm happy he work hard for the future. If only this hardworking days would last. I don't mind not seeing him sometimes. Don't think I'm bad la. I miss him too!! Just happy to have him working hard finally...

Time really flies.
We have been together for 4 years and 4 months already. I still remember his cute look when we first met. But now. Aiks. Shouldn't say anything that might offend anybody. Hor?? X)

People say long-term relationship will not be sweet after you get married. Because you got used to that person and no more special feelings towards him or her after all those years. But for us, we are still special to each other. I tease you ,you tease me, and things are at their happiest moment. Quarrels are unavoidable for all couples I guess. We quarreled a lot. But mostly on the phone where we can't see each other's faces. But when we saw each others' face, we just can't stop bursting out laughing. I don't know why we laugh but the quarrel issues seemed not an issue any more.

My friends really are worried about me before this. But I what I want to say here is Thank you! You know who you are. And you know what problem I faced before. I will take good care of myself. Really I will.

Here's my shield. >

I'm happy to see my couple friends around me being so cute! I hope that they will stay forever cute and sweet! Remember, anything that can be resolved and talk over isn't a problem at all! Its hard to meet someone you are happy to be with, and appreciate. Cherish.


瓶子 said...

Haiz.. ningxi.. Dun like tat ma :"(
Why u are happy to see ur couple friends around u?
Then how about swen? U hurt her :D

Ningxi said...

Aiya.. No lar.. I mean those sweet couple so happy I happy for them ma.. Swen not desperate la. hahah..