04 December, 2010


I found that I haven't update this post.
Went to Bites last Friday with Swen and Miss $.
For those who never heard of it, its located in SP near Tesco Utara and Village mall.
Or visit here for more details.

This is my first time in Bites. We passed by the shop numerous times but have no intentions of trying it out.

Parking lots are abundant so no worries.

The decorations of the place is nice! I like the environment, soothing and quite relaxing.

See what I found?? Hahaha.. First time happy to be Aimst's student.=P

The food was average. To me its a lil bit expensive, for the menu is quite normal and we have to pay the prices like we're in Secret recipe.

While waiting, IPOD is love. Facebook surfing. Thank goodness wifi available.=)

Here's my seafood carbonara. [10.50rm]

Its BITTER! I don't understand why but its really bitter. I asked the waitress when we pay but she couldn't explain why as well, just stated that their sauce is normal, maybe because of the onions.
She was anxious but we didn't meant to complain. Just curious.=)

Erm, I didn't finish it. Cause the bitter I can't stand it.=(

My drink.
Berry tea for 4.50rm.

Shuwen's Taiwan Coffin Bread [7.50rm]

This is the nicest thing I ate for the day. =D

Shuwen's rose tea. Also 4.50rm.

But isn't rose tea supposed to be taste of rose? This is a bit sour. She added tons of sugar into it. I don't know.

Miss $'s Unagi Fried rice ,erm, I forgot the price. haha. But its around 11rm - 13rm.

$'s drink. Blended something.

Hahah. Sorry miss $! I keep forgetting your food!!
Failed blogger omg.

After our meal, we played UNO. =D

I almost forgot how to play. It was since form3 I played UNO, during the free time in school after PMR.
Shuwen had to teach me again. omg.
Memory's getting worse.=((((

There's this Scrabble game too. But none of us know how to play and there's no instructions either. So mission neglected...

Payment made and went back. I'll definitely come again! On thursday. Where there's 10percent discount for Aimst student available. haha.

Bites cafe.
Opening hours - 
see for yourself.

Tata for now.
Have zillions of histology to draw.


tan welwin said...

hey, i went to bites once =)
But,now only i knw there is special thursday for us ...xD
it's really a great news...

Jason~ooi said...

Never knew there is a nice restaurant in SP.. HAHA

Ningxi said...

Welwin: Next time all of us go on thursday. Thursday will be full!! =)

Jason : Hahah. Because its hidden. The row of shoplots behind oldtown.