09 December, 2010

Wake up call

I was waiting for tudou to load in Aimst. YAY!!! Luckily the page can load. I'll kill the IT Division if they ban tudou just like the others.

But then, I saw my just-printed notes on the table with me.  One whole BIG BIG pile of them. *heart was leaping then fell to the ground- broke*


The printer is my good friend now. 

It seemed like I had just finish one exam then there comes another! Whistling round the corner.

If my boyfriend comes this fast I'll be happy forever. 

Exams made pimples grow. 
I went to a skin specialist to get rid of my pimples. It works!!! I have pimple-free face for a month(except for scars).
Now I sense a gigantic one is coming on my nose. One on the forehead. 

Exams made me fat. F-A-T.
See what I bought especially for shutting myself up in the hostel room??

Okay okay. Control. Click the [X] on the tudou website, plug out the internet cable and STUDY.
This time I really mean it.

Tomorrow due date for Histology assignment and I just finish it today. *wuwuwuu..='(
Slow poke=((((

Altogether 36 histology microscopic slides to draw and I hate my stupid colour pencils!!!
Luckily I finished it at last!!


Quiz tomorrow. Haven't study. =(((

LAN Subject - Intro to History finals on Friday. Haven't study. =((((((((

Monday Osce/Ospe practicals!!! 
Next Friday Theory paper!!!!!!!

Oh God. 
Can't my life be peaceful?

Quarreled with ah boy somemore. Because he took picture with a girl, with her arm over his shoulder.
I'm so jealous. wth.

AHHHH. My lovely bed!! You're so tempting!!!

Gonna sleep now. Tomorrow class gok.


Cheen Aik Ang said...

Best of luck.=)

Jason~ooi said...

HAHA The amount of food is damm shocking!

Ningxi said...

Aik: Thanks ya!!! =))0

Jason: Am I a piig then?? hahah!! I am!! You know why I so fat now. =P

$$$ said...

testing 1..2..3..
yay..i can comment on ur blog eventhough im not a blogger...wuahahaha...XD

Ningxi said...

Hahahah.. Goodgoodgood!!! =))))