14 December, 2010

Old town. Old friends.

After stupid Intro to History paper we were so hungry, but I'm anti-JayaCatering food so we decided to drive out to town.

Changed and went to Swen's car with a happy smile. 


Engines of her car failed to start... Maybe due to batteries problem. Luckily we have a good friend - Ang!!!! He willingly lend us his new car and even drove to fetch us at the girls's hostel, then we drop him back at his place.. But there's a little story about his car later. Which I'm so guilty about!! =((

Swen is so excited to drive a bigger car. 

Ang's car is full of dogs. Cute dogs. haha.

Old Town.

This wouldn't be my choice previously because I grew bored of the food there. But Swen said there's new menu. Worth the try, really. =)

Met Wooichoo and Charlene and another of their friend there too. =)

Miss $'s Nasi Lemak..

 Swen's Red bean blended. NICE!!!!

My Coffee and Choc blended. I can't finish it..=((

Swen's Chicken Mushroom rice!!

Ambassador of everything. Present is the Ambassador of Old Town!!!! =))

Old Town really need an ambassador. Here's one super duper professional available!! Contact me for details!! =p

Aiyaa! I should cover my fat face too. =((

Why take pictures of me?? I want to eat lah. 

Failed to get a perfect picture of us three with the timer.. My face is distorted.wth.

Ahhh... Satisfactory.=)

Love those water vapour.. 

Pretty women.

Oh ya, forgot to tell about the teeny accident of Ang's car. I was heading home after this and I brought all my luggage out also. In case my boy came early to fetch me. In between my luggage, I brought home milk cartons.
And you can guess now right??
Yea, milk spilled all over his car seat. =(((((((

Swen had to wipe and sprayed the seat with febreeze when she got back. Thanks a lot!!

SORRY ANG!!!! He was so generous when I called to apologize and keep assuring me that it was just a small matter. I'm so sorry!!!! *guilty*

By the way,
Tadaa!! Here's the phone I'm using now!! In case you didn't know about what happen to my beloved icecream - click here.
My boy lent this to me for temporary.
I want a BB next Idontcare!!! >.<

Exam haven't end... *in the dumps* =(((((

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