28 March, 2011

Star Cruise Libra

Helo folks. I had just came back from my sister's birthday celebration. See? Birthdays again. Still, I found time for my Star Cruise update.. =))

Be prepared to come abroad  =)))

We have to apply a VIP card first. I don't know for what at first, thought it was compulsory for everyone. It was a long wait and we took pictures and walk around the ship in the meantime. 



Replicas of the ship. 

There's a hair saloon and nail art on the ship too. But very expensive.

Spot me. 

My dream piano.

 We waited for a long Long LONG LONNGGG time for the VIP card application. Its for us to be eligible to enter VIP casino on the ship. The minimum bet inside the VIP casino club (I forgot the name of the club, sorry =P) is RM500. Goddamn 500. Some tables I saw RM1000. *faint. We can order any drinks we want here. The waiters and waitress(very pretty) serve our drinks and did I mention that any drink, you-name-it, we-have-it, ANY DRINK you can order. Mostly people drink Heineken, I ordered Coke, wine, orange-juice(purely from orange pulp), and some other I forgot. Since I have no business gambling, I eat all the time. The snacks are great too. Tiny chocolate buns, lotus buns, fried noodles, chicken, porridge too. Fattening. =P

After that we went around to the Star Club, which isn't VIP limited. Here the minimum bet ranged from RM15 to RM100. I am excited to see so many 'aunties' sitting around the bet tables. They're very funny to watch actually. XD
The service here is not like the VIP club obviously. There are waitresses but they only stood at the drinks counter and you have to walk to the counter to place your order and get them yourself. The glasses which they use is one time smaller than those in the VIP club. Duh.


The time was 9.35pm.
When we got to the restaurant, some ignorant Chinese (China) guy seemed reluctant to let us sit down. He said everything had finished, there's nothing left. (But we had food to eat as well). He just want to end his shift earlier I guess. 
Here's the food. Leftover, but still good. 

Pictures again.

 Seasick? Anyone??

Its a dark dark night. And my NX has not any flash.=(

At the bar by the pool on deck 10.

I wonder whether they have enough lifeboats for all of us. 
Or like The Titanic? Only for half the people on the ship?

The top deck - Deck 10.

Jacuzzi tubs. With hot water.

Do you know what is this??(see next picture)

GOLF!!!! Unbelievable.

Small bar.

Went back to the lobby and this handsome guy playing the grand piano.

Spot me again.

If you want to buy something on the ship, what we need is our room card. They computerized everything. We just need to pay all we spent when we check out the next day. 
Easy huh?? =)

Pretty girl with us.

Here's the room card I mentioned above.

Here's the stupid VIP card we waited for so many hours.

I went to the room and sleep at 4am while these people continue to gamble, I was too tired...

Our room. Four of us share the tiny room. 

I was pulled from the bunks early in the morning... 

This is the only picture I get to take of the morning!! GERAMNYA!!!

Regretted sleeping.

The friends we came with want to get down the ship straight right after the ship arrived at the terminal. I was pulled from the covers at 7am. SLEEPYHEAD!! I missed the buffet breakfast and missed the chance to see the sunrise from the top deck. NO PHOTOS! I angry...
 This made my mood bad.

No sea photos, I took photos of legs instead.

And lastly, my breakfast.

Not on the ship.
Still nice lah. haha...

Next time I want to go in the morning. =)


Nava Kishnan said...

Must have been a great experience looking at all the pictures including the cruise itself.

kumfye said...

never been to any star cruise before...but i guess inside damn luxury right?

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Ningxi said...

Hello, yea, very luxury inside the cruise. The cruise crew all have really professional uniform. Should go try if you have the chance=))

jony said...

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lauren paul said...

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Ashanti said...
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Lim Angelia said...

do you still remember how much to pay for a VIP card? =)