06 April, 2011

Do you love MNG?

HELOOO . Look what's here? MANGO in action !!
All you have to do is to fulfill all the above steps and you might walk away with RM2000 cash vouchers!!! FML I have classes this whole week and I'll be one week late for my shot.

MNG is one of my favorite brands and I totally love the bags . I've been sticking to MNG bags since high school . But the clothes are a bit out of my budget so I always wait until their SALES . Now we all have the chance to get RM2000 vouchers and sapu all their chic stocks. haha.

Maybe in my dreams I'll win .

What are you waiting for ? Visit the participating outlets now ! !

Visit MNG's Facebook page for more details. Or straight away visit the event page


Nava Kishnan said...

Love the red jacket with the black button, very classy.

Ningxi said...

Yea,I love it too!! MNG is the best fashion retail that is in my 'affordable' category... =))0