08 April, 2011

1st Avenue Penang - TGV Beanie seat, Cotton On!!!

This has been some time that I went to 1st Avenue, almost a week and my update about it was delayed.
That day I was so excited about Cotton On outlet opening in 1st Avenue!!!! 50% off sales stock was given from 25th March to 30th April.

I didn't know it was opened until Swen told me on MSN. Straight away I sms-ed Hong and told him I wanted to go the next day, happily, off we went like planned. =P

Reached at lunch time and 刷刷乐火锅 is always our choice when we're dining in Prangin Mall.
Addicted to the Tomyam flavour soup.. =DD
There are lots of choices of noodles too if you don't adore steamboats.

After eating we were in time for the movie - Sucker Punch. I wanted to try the Beanie seats for so long and today I did!!

And its just RM26 for two, this price is only available until June because they want people to try the seats.

Visit TGVCinemas Facebook account for more details or showtime for Beanie seats.

Sucker Punch was Okay, but we were very blurred of the way they shoot the film, with songs and silly dances.

The ONLY outlet in Penang.
I hate that they only open retail shops in KL and other states, hardly giving shoppers in Penang to reach it unless they shop in KL occasionally, like I did.
But now it reached Penang!

Oh ya, the connecting bridge was opened connecting Prangin Mall to 1st Avenue and another bridge connecting 1st Avenue to Komtar.. It's so much easy compared to before when we have to walk across the busy roads to get to the other mall..
We took photos on the connecting bridge. =D

There are many new shops opening at 1st Avenue, click here to see - 1st Avenue

 That's all for now. Bye.


Nava Kishnan said...

Beanies will certainly be very comfortable until can fall asleep at the movie.

kumfye said...

wow...i want to try on the beanie seat...thx for you intro


Gieyana said...

hi..blog walking here..can try the Beanie seat too..:)

Ningxi said...

Oh hello!! Yes definitely should try them out! =))