10 April, 2011

GEMS of Orient ♥

Hello YES I'm expensive. =P
Today I'm here to show off. FYL. hahaa.
Look what JHong had bought for me?

Its a belated gift for my 20th birthday! 

Yes people change. Thanks to my one very good friend who reminded me that, and encouraged me to have faith. Nobody was supportive enough when I made the decision to be with him again after all he did to me. Don't wanna repeat coz it was total crap. Even I, myself didn't know whether I was right or wrong. But now I realize that it was never a question of right or wrong. It was a question of faith.
I am glad to see really big changes in this man I stood for, and I am not afraid anymore like before.
I guess people grow from experiences, either good or bad. He grew, and I grew too. Things were never the same anymore. But they will get better. Forgive and Forget. Pray for us.

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Steph^^ said...

Hmm.. I'm glad things are the way you wanted it to be now. I will pray for the both of you. (: But no matter what, be happy k sis? I don't wanna see you cry again. Promise?