04 May, 2011

Play It Lovely ♥ Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Milk

Endocrine and Reproductive System Exams ended today!!!! I have not slept the whole night but we still went out for lunch.

Lunch was at Pizza Hut @ Central Square. Chose McDonalds first because of the Coca Cola glass but they ran out of stock! wth. Ended up at Pizza Hut.


Swen's Meatball Bolognese.

Chieng's Carbonara. I forgot what carbonara it is already.. =(( sorry.

Here's my personal pizza!!! Its on the 50% discount for Wednesday=D

Salad is an essential for me recently.
I was labelled a carnivore before this, I hate vegetables. But now I seemed to be unable to survive without them. Keep craving for salad everytime I think of food. Dunno why. =S

Nosebleed-inducing pretty girls.

I just realized that I missed taking photos of our drinks. Nevermind.

Here's something scary from a distant.

We went into this haircare product shop in Central Square and played with their stuff. Chieng wanted to buy her shampoo so Swen and I circled the whole shop and made exclaimations of almost everything. Shoot me I know its embarrassing and over-excited. But who cares? I shall do what I please. =P

Oh yea, we went into this new shop beside Master Choo's Kitchen - MR DIY. It is also available in Butterworth and BM. We look at almost everything. =P I wanted to come here again when I move out of hostel to shop for my room stuff.

Oh oh, and here's the something I bought for myself  ♥ ♥ 


Play It Lovely from Playboy fragrance.
Isn't it just lovely??? 
I love the design of the bottle! 
And the whole set plus the same scent deodorant is just Rm45++. 

Now we have a whole set! Me and Hong. =)

I bought this too. 
Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Milk.
My skin is the dry type and I haven't been using any moisturizer for some time, just apply toner and now the skin on my nose is peeling. =((

Must save skin cells fast. I decided to try this because I'm using the Moisturizing Lotion(toner) and its quite hydrating and I like the hydra-locking and hyaluronic acid feature. 
Hope this helps.

I forgot to take a picture of myself. Dumbo.
Bye peeps. Wait till we meet again next time=))


kaori said...

hi, may i noe whr u bougt yr playboy perfume?
is it smell good?

Ningxi said...

I bought it in Guardian.. You can find it in Watsons too.. I love the smell but it may be diff to other people.. It depends on yrself=)

kaori said...

oh, ic...thx yr info ..=]

Ningxi said...

You're welcome=))