06 May, 2011

Redbox @ 1st Avenue, Penang

I totally forgot about my Redbox session.
It was a random day and a random day. We picked the steamboat we loved for our dinner and went all the way to Prangin Mall in Penang just for it. RANDOMLY.

After dinner we just stroll around and I wanted Chatime so we crossed the bridge and headed to 1st Avenue Cloud8. Suddenly JHong said 'Let's sing in Redbox'. RANDOMLY.

We stood at the entrance counter for a moment then decided to go for it. Just us two persons. =P
After signing up for the member card and made our orders, we were brought to our room. Room 7. The time given to us was from 8pm to 12am. So excited to have such long period to sing.

Here's the photos. As you know, depressingly, I haven't bought flash for my baby NX100 so all these pictures are DARK.

Two drinks on the left side for me, Tuborg for him. 
The drinks are really nice! I ordered this mango, blueberry and cheese ice. Sounds weird but tastes great. =)

Sang non-stop till 11pm ++ and can't continue anymore although our time is till 12midnight. I really envy those singers who sang everyday non-stop.. They must have really powerful throats.

Alas, the connecting bridge between Prangin Mall and 1st Avenue was closed at 10pm. And we parked our car in Prangin Mall. Have to walk all the way to 1st Avenue ground floor, cross the roads and to Prangin Mall parking lot, and then take the lift up to 6th floor parking lot. A LOT OF WORK huh. 

But I can take photos all the way. =D

I quite like it from far..

He said that Shanghai Night nightclub was quite famous last time. 夜上海...

Forgotten building..

Him exercising his arms was caught on action.

Spot somebody pointing at the signboard.

The only picture of me captured.
I was somehow sad that no one can take photos of me. I was always the photographer. While my friends who have photographer partners have lots of PRETTY LIKE HELL photos of them. 

And guess what?? JHong fell sick after the singing session. Lay in bed for three whole days. Throat infection, then fever. WEAKLING. hahaha... But then it was almost my turn. Luckily I recovered in only one day. This shows how strong my immune system is compared to that weakling. =P


$$$ said...

Nvm la ningxi, wait for me ya..till the day i get my baby,then i will take lotsa ur PRETTY LIKE HELL pics k...b patience k..haha..

Ningxi said...

Hahahah... Okok. i wait for you=))))

Jason~ooi said...

LOL too bad i wasnt in Penang den we could take photos of each other!

Ningxi said...

Hahah.. When you come to penang next time la!! =)))