23 May, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

Happy mother's day to my beloved mummy!!

We didn't make it a big celebration this year, just a simple dinner at home. =))
JHong bought a cake to my house - Fruit cake!!!

Yummy!!! ^^

My pretty mummy~
She's not used to taking photos so she keep saying that she look weird in photographs..

Naughty sister.
She'll kill me if she sees this. =P

I love you mummy!!

Thanks for bringing the cake.

Here's what I bought for my mum.
Spicy spicy!

Happy mother's day mummy! 
I love you no matter what happen. 
I hope you'll be happy everyday, every minute, every second.


ken said...

playboy for mum? haha.. now that's interesting.. what's her reaction? :)

Ningxi said...

Hahah... She just smiled.. Its just fragrance wad... =)))