06 June, 2011

7aste Queenstown @ 32 Mansion Penang!

I've been very very very LAZY to blog... Punch me pleasee... Well, it had been a busy week for my last system paper and there were sleepless nights again... Finals is coming and I hope I will pass all my papers without supplementary and proceed to my 3rd year. >.< Scared....

Coming back to my post, I went to the 7aste party event in Penang last Friday. 

Different from the previous 7aste events, this time it is only invitational. Only guests who had been invited can attend and you can only bring a friend as your guest. Bf got invited UNEXPECTEDLY and I get the chance to tag along.^ ^

We got there late around 10pm, and the girls at the entrance we just beautiful! I wished I had their body and faces..

There were performances. All pretty girls! 
I'm sure all the single guys out there, if you want a pretty girlfriend you can meet them here! hehe..

We took photos of ourselves since it's just the two of us. BORING! Others came in groups and it was definitely more fun when you come in groups.
We left early after one beer each. =(

He totally wasted his VIP status. Left after 30minutes after we reached.

Us playing with the masquerade masks they gave at the entrance. They were pretty!

Well, 32 Mansion is a nice place! Maybe I'll come on other days for dinner!

Forgive me for my lack of words, I'm going to a friend's wedding dinner later and I'm rushing... But a blog post first for my faithful followers! Hope you love me again! =P

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