23 June, 2011


I know I have neglected my blog for so long. Finals coming and I have not much mood to blog. Hence, my stats drop and I have to blog to keep them up. Do remember to visit me more~    

Tomorrow's the first paper!!! I hope all my fellow batchmates are all prepared to step into the battlefield. But I'm not T.T. If I am the only one left in my family, I will leave the course. I found myself starting to age, I can't remember the things I've studied. And I have lost the heart to keep holding on. But I have to keep stumbling, as I could not afford to let my parents down.

I keep telling myself : whatever comes in your way, it will pass eventually. As for being lazy, maybe I take it too easily. My batchmates are all panicking and studying as much as they could. But I can only wait for my judgement in the exam hall. Judgement for my heartless and effortless attitude. I just wish that everything can go away.

Before I forget, yea, I started my small business of contact lenses^^ They're all made in Korea. Please support me by just clicking a 'like' at my page!! Thank you

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