13 July, 2011

Taobao spree and fun June+July!

I know it's been so long since I last blogged. It had been a tough month with finals going on and all. I totally gonna die if this continues much longer.

Nope, my exams haven't end. I still have OSPE and OSCE with all the clinicals and practical stuff to mug. Just miss here and simply think of a reason to write something. =P
But I assumed you miss me?? haha. Maybe not.

I am so in the holiday mood. Am planning my holidays and I hope someone can plan for me. Someone who can READ my mind and do all the bookings and budgeting, so I do not have to deal with the mess. Sigh. I dare not say that I did well for my finals but I totally need a break from things.

By the way, I want to show you the stuff I bought lately. I went crazy on shopping, maybe to relieve stress? Nah. Just giving myself an excuse to shop.

Here's my stuff from taobao.com . It's actually a shopping website in China so we cannot buy directly in the website. But I had help from 淘宝代购 , they had everything organized for me. Thanks!!

Now this, is what I love the most!    
Finally a case for my baby NX!! I'm happy, baby NX's happy! and Everyone's happy! Alright maybe not everyone. 

These stuff are super cheap. I mean like SUPER SUPER CHEAP. I was relieved I didn't get tricked by those people selling at super high prices. But I don't blame them, they need to eat rice.(in chinese)

My life was pretty THE life lately.

#1 I had a GOOD salad dinner.

#2 Had great sushi.

#3 Had great tea sambil texting.

#4 Had a great laugh and got disgusted by food.
(can you guess what is that?)

#5 Had my dumb photo taken at a great sirloin time.

#6 Had a perfect time with my lovely girls. 
(which is rare cuz' we're spread all over the map of M'sia)

#7 Had great Jap' meal with Swen and Money
(which is in a restaurant we found randomly in ulu SP)

#8 Jap' restaurant in SP

#9 Sashimi!!

That's pretty much my June and July. I miss my family. Hope to see them soon!

Oh yea, one last one!

I finally got my Classic high cut! Went to ALL the retails in Penang and it was out of stock. I left my name and contacts. They really did call me when stocks arrived. Now it's mine!! *evil laugh*

Converse is 



LauraLeia said...

Woots! Love your pair of Converse, such awesome shoes. :D Btw, which shop did you buy those items from? I've wanted to try buying stuff from Taobao but don't know where to start or how to shop. :(

Ningxi said...

hello! Thanks for the compliment for my converse! Really love them.=)
I bought these items from different shops in taobao. you can choose the items by typing the keywords of the items and search.
There will be lists of items with prices and all. But they are not from the same shops.
If u buy items from the same shop, they only charge you once on transport fees.
So you have to be smart in buying=)
And you need help from the fb link I posted- 淘宝代购 ya.. Because we cannot buy directly ourselves.

LauraLeia said...

Oh i see! Well, maybe i have to wait a few more months to try. Currently out of budget edi, lol. Thanks for the info! ^^