30 July, 2011

NSAIDs' Surprise.

Everyone's been asking about my eyes. I was being secretive on purpose before this and planned to keep it a secret until I write this post, so that everyone will read my blog to know what shit happen. *haha. XD
But I couldn't keep it anymore so I posted the photo on Facebook and now no one will read my blog because they already know what happen to my eyes. T.T~~

Anyway, here's the whole story.
Show you a pretty photo of me first. Remember this face!
Because the rest of the post will be of the ugly ugly ugly me. And I don't want myself to be remembered like that.

I was happily heading to KL on Wednesday with the feeling that my period might come anytime within those days. And it did came. On Friday. Luckily it spared my Thursday, I can still enjoy myself in Sunway Lagoon.
But Friday was the worst nightmare in my life.

Menstrual pain was like  :(  and I went to this pharmacy to buy painkillers or else my shopping day in Pavillion will be ruined. And this TRULY MADLY DEEPLY RUINED MY DAY.

#1 The CULPRIT. Synflex - Naproxen Sodium.

After taking the pill, I went shopping happily. Slowly and gradually my eyes felt itchy.
Me and Swen were like still OK and don't care maybe its the air or something.
Then I started feeling an urge to scratch around the eyes.
Then mucus fluid appeared in the eyes.
Then I saw.
A big big swelling poked its way out and filled itself all over my eyebags.  FOR SURE ITS ALLERGIC REACTION NOW.

I started panic and went back to the pharmacy for anti-histamines.
The pharmacist gave me anti-histamines and reminded me I was never to take NSAIDs again.

Here's the serial of photos of my TRANSFORMATION.

I am not crying!! Though it seemed that I am.

It grew worse and you know what I did?

I had to shop like this. SUNGLASSES in the mall.
I say its KARMA. 
There was once I laughed at someone wearing shades in a shopping mall and I was like :'What for is she wearing shades indoors, she thought she's a star is it?' 
Now I had to be the one others looked and pointed out as - freak? ;(

I went to a clinic and the doctor gave me an injection straight away. In the upper outer quadrant of the gluteal muscle. *laughs
The swellings shrink a little afterwards. Doctor told me it will take two days for full recovery.

Normal?? Not behind the shades.

Went to a bar in Changkat Bukit Bintang and the guy hesitated while checking my IC. But he let me in anyway.

I dare not drink beer. Cocktail for me. Sex on the Beach. :p
Swen was aware of the name and said it was weird.
But it was quite nice. Sweet with a tinge of alcohol taste. Not too strong and I like it! :)

The next day, I went shopping again. And my eyes were better. But still swollen.
I found shopping for clothes really hard because when I tried them on, I had to cover my eyes with my hands.
Because with THAT face, everything I put on appeared ugly. So I just covered my eyes and everything looked normal and nice. I even laughed at myself whenever I looked into the mirror.
Just imagine what will happen if I'm stuck with this shitty eyes forever. I felt like dung.

After back to Penang, swollen no more! Yippee!!!

It had been a tough two days. NSAIDs shall be added to my list of allergic drugs.
Thank god I did not get anaphylactic shock. Or else, BYE BYE!


Baby Tan said...

Ooo.. So now ur allergic to NSAIDs.. That's a lot of medication that u can't take ady wor.. O.o Maybe it's tat specific NSAID only??

Ningxi said...

I don't know. Maybe. Just trying to avoid NSAIDs from now.. Scared kena again.

Anonymous said...

pity...>< anyway...take care ^^

Anonymous said...

Now I read back, I think you're really brave for those pics xD...hehe

Anonymous said...

swen there^