06 September, 2011


Finally...... AN UPDATE!!!

Sorry for being lazy. I actually have plenty of time but I'm just purely lazy to update my blog.
Bloggie is totally neglected!

I'm having a new life here in Penang. I felt a change in myself. I'm bolder, braver and not a scaredy-cat anymore. *applause please xD

I love my classes and my school! So high-tech system and utilities. And I love my new house! It's somewhat smaller compared to home but it's nice. ^ ^
But I missed my old friends. Hope that they're doing well and we shall keep in touch! They're coming to  stay overnight this Thursday!! *so looking forward.

Photos we took during hols. <3

 Swensens' delicious pizza!!

 SOHO cocktail time after dinner. <3

My girls <3


Shall blog more now!! More free time. Stay tune!

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