08 May, 2011

0°C Drinks Station

There's this new drinks station in Butterworth near Fresh and Oldtown cafe - 0 Degrees. 
I was there with Shujin to try out their drinks.

Here's mine - Macchiato Red tea.
Quite weird the white stuff on top tasted like melted ice cream.

Here's Jin's Grass Jelly Ice Tea.
She can't finish even half of it. Because of the taste. =(

Interior of the cafe.
As you can see, the waiters outnumbered customers. 
And they don't respond when we hailed, I have to walk to them to give them my order. fyl.

We ordered this Spicy Fried beans. 

Spicy Fried Chicken pieces.

Overally, I don't think I will come back again. =P
The food and drinks were not really nice. The only comforting thing is they have wi-fi service here.
They need improvement seriously.

Oh yeah, I got my McD Coca-cola glass! I missed the Grey glass and its the purple glass period now, but I still got the Grey one. Because they have extra stock. Yay!!

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