27 March, 2011


Its been a great week... I have lots and lots of updates, it was hard choosing which to blog about first..

March babies!! There are such many birthdays in March. My dad, my two sisters, and Hong's two sisters too. Birthday bashes never end. These will come later. What comes first?


I went on the Star Cruise!!!! The Libra... I heard Pieces is bigger and more luxury, but Libra was great too!! We only need to pay RM47 per person for the tickets because Hong's friend has share over the VIP casino... Excited?? Please stay tune cause I need to bathe first, just came back from Tambun seafood. =) Don't leave me kay??

I'll be right back!! 


Jeszen Khoo said...

Wa~ the Libra is bigger than Pieces actually.... i went both... however, i feel Pieces is more fun~ Let's waiting for Virgo hahah

Ningxi said...

Really?? Haha.. Maybe I misremember the length. Cause its written on the model ship.. Lets go together next time!!=))