21 March, 2011

Just to fill time.♥

I have nothing to blog about. lol. Dyed my hair black last week!!!

Swen have been nagging about dyeing her hair black for so long, but I did it before her. Sorry dearie. haha.. But I'll be the experiment subject for the henna dye.

Conclusion : Henna dye is super! Wonderful! And the colour doesn't fade.
(Swen, you can buy it now.xD)

Here, remember my golden hair cause it won't be seen anymore.

Its my first time trying this henna dye.  Safe to use gua. But pity my hands and fingernails. They turned black after I used them to apply the dye on my hair. Hahah.. I was such a fool to use my bare hands. I thought since henna dye is safe to use so it won't matter to use bare hands.
So it turned out totally horrifying. The dye couldn't be washed and I have to bare with my stained, ugly hands for a week.
Forgot to take pictures of my hands. Too upset with them that I forgot about taking pictures.

Here's the wonderful henna dye. =P

Sorry about the cottonbuds. I couldn't find anything else to stir the pot. xD


How is it?? Better than before??? =)

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