08 March, 2011

Birthday on 4th of March.

March babies are all around me!!

My dad is the first March baby. We celebrated his birthday at Qun Ying Restaurant this year. 

Papa is 55 years old now. But to me, he is still young and handsome. He stands the most handsome man on earth! =)))

Look at him smiling here, I hope he is always this happy.

Dinner was satisfactory. 
I forgot to take photos of the dishes as I was too busy eating. =P


Oops sorry I couldn't finish my rice. =P

Cake time!!!

Lighting the candles.

I love this photo although it's out of focus. =)

Our family.  

My dad is the best dad in the world. I wouldn't exchange anything with the love he gave our family. He would sacrifice to make us happy.
I love you papa.


I have another March Baby here, her birthday is the same date as my dad. =))
I've known her for 8 years plus. I love her.
Happy birthday Kee Ping Fang!!!!
Happy 21st!! Hope that you can be always happy as you are now.

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