22 March, 2011

I wanna be RICH

Finally I have a topic to blog about thats not about myself.
It's all about $$$$$....

Its not that I'm money minded or money-faced or lui-bin whatever, but to have money is like holding something solid in life. Something that you can't die with.

Don't tell me that -aiya, money can't buy love, money can't buy health or people who care for you bla bla bla. Ok, I admit this is partly true. But without money, what can you do eh? Wake up in the morning and have no money to buy breakfast?

Maybe you can tell me, 'I cook my own breakfast at home.'

Fine. And where you're gonna get INGREDIENTS for your bloody breakfast?

The reason that I'm so different in my blogging style today is that I'm frustrated. Why I'm not a family member of these bastards??

If you don't know them, here's where they came from- click.

Well, I have no effort to marry any of them, as all of these great people are married and aged. The youngest on the list is 23 - Mark Zuckerberg. Don't ask me who is that, you sign in your Facebook account everyday. He's actually worth $1.5billion. I have no idea how much that is, there's only 19.29rm in my bank account, no prank.

Nah, from Malaysia..

Don't say Malaysians 'tak boleh'... These people can kill you by just throwing their money on you.

And don't say only men can do the job.
Alice Walton from Wal-Mart.

Liliane Bettencourt from l'oreal.

Susanne Klatten from BMW.

Can one of you be my godmother?? (gooey eyes)

I don't have pocket money and I ask from my parents only when I need money. But I feel embarrassed when I ask money from my parents who work so hard to earn for family. They don't even have the chance to spend their money for their own enjoyment. I admit I envy those who receive huge amounts from their family and spend whichever way they like. Even 100rm a month I also don't have. True story. But I love my parents so much that I can't bare to see them saving up for the sake of their kids and sacrifice themselves. I want them to enjoy, to go travelling every year, just the two of them. They earn so hard for so many years and deserved more than this.

But I don't whine and complain about my lack of fun spending. I envy, but I don't get emotional. I understand that every environment a person is born is related to karma. Maybe these people did a hell lot of good deeds before life and was born rich and healthy. Who knows? I might be next in my next reincarnation.

But don't stop me to dream that one day I shall open a door into my own vault full of 100usd notes. hehe.

Why this money thingy out of a sudden? Are you so desperate for money??
Nahhh... Just a voice. A sudden thought. 

If I have money, I'm gonna make myself pretty.  Clothes, facials, make-ups, hair removal, even plastic surgery if possible.. hahah. Hey, every girl wants to be pretty ok? 

The next thing I'm gonna do is buy a pair of air tickets and present them to my mom and dad. They deserved a luxurious break.

Then its my own turn to travel.. I want to see more, there's so many things out there I have yet ever seen, ever known.. And I shall go with my love one, or sometimes my girls, so that I have great company.

Dream lah..*smack*

Every snake has its own head. What the crap I'm talking about. wth. I just want to say, everything is life has its reason, like karma.
And what the hell if you're not happy even you have a lot of gold? The most important thing is to be happy.

Throw me some money notes if you're happy. XD



chia ming said...

hehe a great post, i share the same thought with you. studying medic just drained all my parent's money away and i hardly make the end meets every month.

well then study hard and make your parents proud. its not like we gonna live in this way for the rest of our lives. gambateh =D

Ningxi said...

Yea, I find it guilty draining all their money.. Gambateh together!! There's going to be someday things are different in a better way! =))