09 September, 2009

CA 1 coming!!!!!

After a month in medicine, there's only a month towards our 1st Continuous Assessment!!!
Time flies..
But I'm still in the LAGGING PHASE.. unable to make myself to stand up.. T.T

By the way, a lot happened.
I found myself among 200+ EXTRA HARDWORKING people suddenly...
But don't misunderstood me, I'm only AMONG them.
I'm NOT one of them.

[Help??... pleaseeee]

Next, I found a group of sot friends after Steph left..=)
We make trips to the mall and gazed over make ups + clothes + stuffs... xD hahah...
All the best ya friends!!! =D

Lately, I found myself a reason to keep holding on...
No regrets to my life... At least I held on before... =)

My dinner awaits me... Must go line up awal-awal... If not must QUEUE for half an hour before you can even touch the food..>.<

-ps : To those who've been awaiting my picts, I'm uploading them in fb instead.. =)

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