29 September, 2009

A Big Part of me. Hidden.

It was not until today I realized that I was confused... [ahem..] about guys.
I'm being an idiot I think. I made a completely fool out of myself.. T.T

Anyway, I learnt how to live my life MY way.. X)

If u love something, u won't be able to give it away. Even if it has no benefits to u.
Even if it harms u, u still be afraid to part with it...

This is what I feel in the past few months...

A friend just told me he read all my blogs and was touched by the way I put every way I felt in my blogs. I felt an urged to review my blog and I found out that the PAST me and the PRESENT me has a big difference in posting blogs.

Lately, I'm being secretive to my faithful readers. I'm not revealing my stories in details now. I'm scared that others will see through my happy face and found that the inside was one struggling soul. To let go or not to?

Things have changed a lot.
They're not the same or another way to put it is, they're more sophisticated. I love that tim when they're simpler. I don't have much to think about, lay around and problems will be solved in a tick. The present is more like a prolonged acute inflammation that becomes chronic. [Pardon me for using so much medical terms, I'm actually memorizing in this way X) ].

Chronic in a way that even when it heals, it would leave behind a scar. A graveyard of contents.
And most importantly, it needs heaps of strong thinking for healing processes.
I have to keep my mind and body strong to deal with the circumstances.

To be frank, I'm really happy these weeks. =)


Happiness is chosen, not given.