09 October, 2009

Shu Wen's Birthday Party♥

In the midst of our exams, we are having a party.

U're 19 now!! Stop dreaming, find a boyfriend and we'll be VERY happy for you! X)

The party was planned secretly among us others... Suzanne and Sherlyn offered their house for the party spot. We went out to buy a cake and presents. She doesn't know I'm going out of course..
So I had to bluff about going to the study area. Haha.

We got a cake from Secret Recipe and a mask in The Face Shop as a present.


When we got back, we prepared everything and made up some reasons to trick her to the house. Once the birthday girl open the front door, we jumped out and chorused a birthday song!!! She was so shocked...

Look at her face! X)

The celebration was fun... Suzanne 'accidentally' poured some water and the floor was wet. As ShuWen is the birthday girl, she had to go the the bathroom and get a cloth to wipe the mess. Once she was inside the bathroom, we crept silently behind her and splashed water all over her!!!! Screams and shrieks were heard from the place. I couldn't stop laughing with the camera... We didn't expect her to revenge but she did.. She grabbed hold of the hose and sprayed water on us too!!! X) Lucky I'm with the cam. She doesn't HURT me then.. haha.

Celebration continued with the cake cutting session after she changed into Sherlyn's clothes. Because she was wet all over... Pity but still funny... Xp

We took crazy pictures the whole evening and laughed non-stop. This was a change for us, instead of straining our necks across Anatomy and Physiology... X)

Great wishes!! Happy 19th birthday Swen.. =)