17 August, 2009


Sorry to my faithful followers... Ive been outdated for months. But thanks for still being with me..

This is my second week in degree programme... I wanted to know more people, but its always either I'm too shy, or they're too shy.. So I'm not hanging on anymore in making new friends... Let things be the way they are... This is a lesson I've learnt from my hurtful relationship... I hope it will come to an end, but there may be another way round...

Its just a few days back in Aimst, but the whole thing is diferent. (Except the lecture system of course, the cafe food.)

I missed Steph.

She is the best thing that ever happened in my pre-uni life.
I don't know whether I have the chance to be with her again, but I know we wil not stop contacting each other once in a while... Yep?

I'm happy to know that she's happy now. Keep smiling~

To everybody : keep smiling!! =)

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