06 April, 2009

A Day Out with My Gang...

We went out for a shopping trip last Wednesday, April fool. Me, and my C1 group - Swen, Mama, Ah Peng & Pu3...

It wasn't planned actually. I wanted to go home for a while and Swen had a 'Shopping' brainwave... And after deciding for half an hour whether to go or not after Maths, we changed and went straight away. And we skipped English.. [Shhh...]

Destination - AEON Jusco in Seberang Prai. My ruling area, so I have to drive the car.

We reached there in 35 minutes from Aimst and skimmed the place for a perfect restaurant.. We found one, Che-go Korean BBQ restaurant. I visited here before with Steph & Vig. We ordered a tableful of food and eat till our tummies are filled with Kimchi. It was a bad choice after all. All of us regret picking that crappy restaurant. Expensive, Ordinary, and absolutely not KOREAN!
But nevermind. And for now, SHOP TILL WE DROP time!!

We started with S n J and bought gifts for each other. It was a surprise actually. But I didn't give the gifts yet. Then shop after shop we went. & we all had a chance of being a bride. Childish though, but fun. =)

Among five of us, me and swen spent the most I think. We never miss anything. Until the others have to wait for us outside. We bought heels, masks, bra's, etc. The others bought some too. Peng & Swen got two pairs of shoes, and Pu3 got her shirt for Farewell in Padini.

There's a sale in Nicole and both mama and Pu3 got a blouse. But the fat salesgirl is irritating. While we were browsing the clothes, she keep folding them back before we got to choose. I felt sure she did it on purpose. She even told mama who asked to try, no trying more than two items. She said because it's sale item, and supposely no trying on weekdays, but she is kind and let her try one or two piece. What philosophy is this?? No trying on weekdays?? Bullshit.

Me and Swen spent a lot of time in TSC, Younghearts, Skinfood and they had to visit other shops to wait for us. Sorry guys. But it was a splendid time.

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