22 April, 2009

To my discipline teacher at school

You are a piece of shit! That's what you are! You made everyone's life miserable.
In school, you made the students' life miserable, most of the tutors' life miserable.
And you've made their lifes outside the school compound miserable!

I can't believe you're a Christian!
Christians don't judge people by their looks, the friends they made, and ONE wrong thing they did!
Christians don't gain satisfying-ness by screening them to the world, proud of herself when they were humiliated!
Christians do not nail someone and squeeze the deeds that they never did just to prove that they are worth to be nailed!

What God did, is to FORGIVE!
God did it out of LOVE! LOVE that you will never understand for the rest of your life!
He loves all of us! The sinners! We all SINNED!
Oh, we all sinned except YOU! heh

Your mouth is as big as a hippo.
Your brains are as small as an ostrich.
Nono,you don't have one!
You hurt people more than helping them.
You made people lose confident than advising them.
You change people. But not to a good side, but by making them lost.
You don't give people chances that they should have.
You don't even listen to the answers given to your stupid questions!
You showed them what does THE END OF THE WORLD look like.
You stop every path they take. Even the path of life!


You may sing 'graciously'.
But you are not an angel.
Please remember this.

If you ever come across this post or you so-called crap, I have no mean to hate you, but I don't LIKE you.
Just remember what God did for us.
And think of what you did to us.


ShuLing said...

hai..1st time to post comment here..duno u rmb me ma..^^ y seems so angry ar..calm down..XD

Layla said...


yicheng said...

hmm.. i believe it is not only u. .. i have exactly the same thing happened to me.... >.< it really make me feel down last time.... better to forget.... >.< cheer up...