27 April, 2009

I want nobody, nobody but YOU!

I missed the previous You, sweet, shy, caring and clean.

I missed the times we spent on motorcycles, we used to shout when talking to each other, the air kinda polluted, but the happiness are uncountable.

I missed the crazy things we did at the seaside, we didn't bothered to look if anyone was disturbed, just ran all the way to the other side bare footed.

I missed the things you've promised, not all fulfilled but yet, I don't mind waiting if you want me to.

Things changed...

We're not on motorcycles anymore, your tyres are small now, if we both ride on it, they will get a puncture... So we rode on cars...

The seaside we used to go is walled up... The shores have moved forward, and the bare opening that we ran across is no longer there... We never took off our shoes now and feel the sand...

We are not the same 'US'.

You've changed.

You are now loud. You have more things to think about, your home, your family, your money, your friends...

You are not the same YOU I loved. But I never minded. I continue loving you although you did mistakes. I supported you for all you've done. I advised you on the other side of your ideas. I never let you alone!

But yet, you've lied, and you lie again after all these times.
I've given you chances and am willing to give again if you asked.

Good luck to you.
and goodbye.

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