31 March, 2009

Hopes. For Shih Liang. For me.

Long time didnt update my blog... Today I went to Village Mall with Swen. Went out after class at 5pm, wanted to buy mask in The Face Shop and do maths project in Starbucks. When we reached campus its already 11pm! Great day. Finish Maths and brought back a tummy full of Java Chips... XD

Yesterday heard of Shih Liang's news again... Sadden-ing. He is warded again. This time in Gleneagles. His situation is not so good this time. Hope that he will be ok. Keep on hoping my friend, miracles will happen. You still have at least 6 more decades to go. Do not let go! Our blessings are for you!

I had a hard time with my studies. Didn't want to start at all... T.T
Finals are near and this time it will determine my future... I need inspiration. I need back up. Guessed it won't be easy again this time. Hopes.


qksang said...

god bless him..
he's getting better...

erm..and addoil
for ur studies!!

NinGxi said...

Thx sung.. U 2..

Steph.. ^^ said...

( : Hey... I miss you o..! And Vignes too... Not sure when I'm cumin back yet.. Zzzz.. But things hasn't been great at home either. Hmm.. Hope to see you soon then! AND, inspiration? Think of what you aim for in life, and think what is it for that you're aiming this. If you get what I'm trying to say, I think then you've found your inspiration sitting there next to you. Hahaha... Miss you..

JustinHong said...

dun give urself so many stress...juz relax ur mind n think about our future...u juz 2 do ur best in all ur exam including ur final n oso dun worry about others thing...i wil oso be more hard-working n always support u in anytime...+u+u,gambateh..fight it at all..haha^^..
god bless ah liang...