19 December, 2011

A short post : Santa Claus is coming to town♥

Christmas is around the corner! Sales are everywhere!!
Went christmas shopping last weekends Here's the haul from my shopping.

Shopped for Chinese New Year!! Don't know whether I can stand not wearing them until CNY or not.    

✔ Came across this gorgeous little dress and its super cheap! Only RM71.

✔ Bought two Dior fragrances from the counter. I loved the free miniature Miss Dior cherie!!
The promoter girl actually succeeded in making me buy the Eye Essential omg. I've been using Mary Kay's products and I see improvement in my skin! I shouldn't have bought this eye thing.
(But she's kind enough to supply me with so many samples.) 

✔ Clothes for baby boy. He looked so good in them! Should've taken photos of him trying on them.

Money flew away. $$$ bye.

How do you like my shopping? =D

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