04 December, 2011

Pages is a great help!

As a psychology student, our lives are full of researches. This time its my second research report to finish within the deadline. To gain the marks for correct format, it is a MUST to follow APA format. (Try google APA format if you want to know more of it.)

I'm beyond crazy as there's a hell lot of rules for the format.

But thanks to Pages I've been rescued.
It's super easy to do my research proposal as the format is already fixed and set in the program. You just need to click it and start typing! 

Pages gave a range of templates for every needs. You can choose from blank documents, letter, envelopes and many more! It has templates for brochures and powerpoint presentation too! And the slideshows and animations are a lot more than Microsoft Powerpoint. (oops)

Here's the template I need. My research paper.

And here's the pre-done sample of report, I just need to type in at the provided spaces and I'm done! You can even save your own version of template for future use.

Now when you're done with your work, you can just click the File tab and save! You can also choose to save in Word Document version. It will be in Word 97-2004 file type. Now you can open and edit your file in Microsoft Word! 

Pages is available in Apps Store for purchase! Hurry and it really make your work easier. 
It's available for Mac and iPad too!

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