05 January, 2011


I've always dreamed about how my wedding is gonna be. Imaginations flow from great white satin gowns with tails that fills the hall; walking the aisle on a big huge red carpet; decorations of white and red roses all over the place, full of sweet rose scent; the ones I love forming a crowd clapping their hands, feeling happy for me; and my prince, with a smile on his sweet face, waiting for me at the end.

Here's some pictures of my neighbour's big night.

Just a simple ceremony and dinner to announce to all family and friends that we have got married!
There's no need to be grand and mighty. Its just about the two of you.

I always feel like crying when I attend weddings. Two people from different worlds and different backgrounds decided to live together, both legally and spiritually, read their vows to each other, promising that I will be at your side. That's the most important part of a marriage.

I want mine to be the same too.

I can leave the great gowns the roses and the crowds alone, but in my wedding, once in a lifetime, I want my prince to stand there waiting for me, with a sweet smile on his face. 


Sorry I took so long to update.=)

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