29 January, 2011

A small HI from a lazy me ♥

Heloo. =)

I don't know why I'm so lazy lately. Lazy to update, lazy to study, lazy to change the size of my photos. Why why why.

I took a hell lot of photos, really. Went to heaps of places. Should have blog all of them, or at least some of them. Alright I shall! On the way to!! Stay tune k? Don't desert me because I'm lazy. =P

Dong dong dong qiang!

Chinese New Year is coming!!! 5 more days!! I'm not really in the mood, cause I have to travel. I like to go to places but I hate the 'on the way' travelling part. Made me dizzy and frustrated.
How about you all? What do you do when you're in the car, or bus, before reaching the far far away kingdom?

 When I was younger I eat junkfood in the car o make myself feel better but now I sleep all the way. My tummy is not helping me anymore. =(((

But I'm sure everyone will forget the sores and aches at the moment you reached the destination. I am super happy when I reached! Hahah. The way back home is always not so troubling, I can't understand why till now.

Anyway, have a safe journey to those who have to travel!  

Before I forgot, here are some pictures on the day I went out on a shopping trip with Mama Vania. She's so sweet. =))

I love the steamboat here!!! ♥♥♥

Hello kitty!! 
Don't like them before but starting to now.♥
Yea, I'm weird.

I want Hello Kitty car stuff!! Pricy='((


Chinese New Year deco in Queensbay=)

Mama picking her flavours from Haagen Daz

This is nice!

Happy CNY!



Yaya Kulimcupcake said...

hye,can u lets me know where is the hello kitty shop? in queenbay mall penang?which area ya?
do email me back thankss


Ningxi said...

Hello! the shop is in Prangin Mall.. I forgot which floor though. Its name is 'yi kou jia' if I'm not mistaken. =)