30 January, 2011

January ending???

OMGosh. January is going to end soon!! Dear Jan can you please don't go?? I only see you once a year, can you stay a lil bit longer?

I'm going nuts. =p

Now I'm looking forward to dressing up for CNY and one more thing >>> ANGPAUs!!

It is always not a tradition in my family to get huge amounts of angpau money, mostly my angpaus only have Rm2 in it. But its still exciting to count them afterwards. =P
Usually I got about Rm200+ , sad case actually if to mention that my family tree with more than 100 relatives. While people get Rm2000 in only ONE angpau.

Not fair. ='(((

By the way, I went to Megamall Pinang, Pacific today with my family and 小姑.. I accompanied my 小姑 to shop for heels while my mom and sisters shopped for CNY food stuff.

小姑 wanted red heels which are super difficult to look for nice ones, and her feet are too dainty and small. In the end we ended up with nothing. Poor 小姑...

I got myself a Za True White Two-way Foundation!! And an eyebrow liner also from Za. Stock up for my face for CNY look.

I never use a two-way foundation nor eyebrow liner before, except that one time I drew my eyebrows with Swen's eyeliner which we used it as eyebrow liner. And I felt that I look like Crayon SinChan after that. hehe.

I don't know how's the effect of my new stuffs cause I haven't tried them on yet. Shall review them after I use it. =)

One of the things my sisters bought. >>>

POP不是汽水不是汽水. =P

My lil sis! She asked me to teach her how to blog. wth. A ten-year old.
I taught her anyway. What a great sis I am to have. XD

Lastly before I end, wishing everyone a prosperous Chinese New Year!!!
The first month of Twenty Eleven goodbye. Let's welcome February with crossed hands, praying that the bad will fade away, and the best will always be together with us.



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I haven kahwin la.. You first. So you must give me angpau..