19 March, 2012

Saturday Night 170312

Baby Xiu is back from National Service Camp! Cute, as usual, but slimmer. She had been wanting to slim down ever since people started commenting about her growing weight and now she did it! After three months at NS camp.

Happy to see her back =)

Some photos of the wedding dinner we attended last saturday. <3

Me & my homeboy <3

Pretty Junying.

Junying's pretty twin. LOL
My homeboy. Super not cooperative when taking pictures. >.<

Baby Xiu and her sweetheart Oscar.

Another sweet photo. By the way its Oscar's eldest sister's wedding that night.

Oscar's super pretty youngest sister with her Cinderella gown.

Xiu with Cinderella. <3

Xiu, me and Junying. I hate my braces showing unintentionally. 


Sisters too!

 After the dinner me and homeboy went for some chilling. Went to 7Freshway and then Room @ Auto City. It was huge but a bit too crowded. Couldn't really relax with people keep pushing pass you.
Was too lazy to take photos inside cuz Im scared of people smashing my camera. =.=

Outside. A photo with super tiny China lady. Homeboy's friend's wifey. 
She so small and I look super GIANT beside her. T_T

A last photo of us. Blurred.

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