20 March, 2012

Insomnia craps

Suffering from insomnia. T.T
And I downloaded this awesome app from iTunes and now I can blog and upload photos with my phone!!

And my eyes really hurt. I've been having this nose and eye allergy to dust or some microorganisms since young. The doctor told me it will go off when I'm 18 or 19. Now I'm f-ing 21 and I'm stuck with allergies still. Guess I'm not gonna part with them till forever. Wtf
I'm sick of visiting the eye specialists and hearing the same thing again and again.
And I have bought countless of Patanol eye drops and you know what? It doesn't cures, it just prevent inflammation due to allergies I guess. And when my eyes sore, I can't do anything. Oh there was once a specialist who seemed to understand my bitter and gave me eye steroids. Solve the inflammation but may have serious consequences if use on a long term. It works for that time. I hope I have it now, my eyes itch non stop.

Okay I'm just crapping coz I can't sleep. Bare with me kay?


Anonymous said...

but you have beautiful eyes.that pays off.=DDDDD

Margeret said...

I have insomnia as well so I can relate to what you are going through. I have found a lot of helpful sleeping advice at http://onlineceucredit.com/edu/social-work-ceus-sd. The techniques were really helpful for me so I hope that they can get you to sleep too!

Ningxi said...

Thanks Anonymous. =)

And thanks Margeret!! It was helpful =D