16 March, 2012


Realized that I've not updated my blog for such a long time. Doesn't matter though, cuz nobody reads it anyway. Been emo-ing for some time cuz of college stuff.
Back from the big city on Sunday, happy to catch up with my girlfriend! Shopping and first time going into Casino de Genting. It was such a random trip to Genting Highlands and it was so cold up there! Rare. hmm.

Some photos for this update, haven't went anywhere special so I won't elaborate about my trip. heh. Can't wait for July! Taiwan and Bangkok are waiting for me!! ^^

Dine in at Sushi Zanmai @ The Gardens. They should open one in Penang, and sushi king and sakae wouldn't be my choice anymore. =p

Favorite sashimi! Maguro.

Unagi Tofu or something like that.

Black caviar sushi and my first time try - Toro!
Toro meat is like some oily fat taste, but still quite bearable.
Still preferred Maguro in the first place. haha.

Roasted prawn in some delicious sauce! yummy.

Roasted scallop.

Shujin babe.

Myself smiling weirdly. lol

Always took photos in Robinsons' fitting room.

Love this gown!!!!!!! Price is like RM900+++. Kill me.

Siu long bao @ Ding Tai Fung Pavilion.

Dinner at Tokyo Don @ Tokyo street.
Fried Scallop. Quite tasty if you eat one or two.

Girl in black and white. 

My Maguro Don. (again Maguro)

Jin's chicken something. I forgot the name!

Away with the tasty food photos! Made me hungry in the middle of the night. =D

Went up to Genting Highlands after that, its so cold outdoors and the only clothes I wore were some super thin T-shirt from Zara and yellow cardigan from MNG. Couldn't stand the chillness so I tend to stay indoors and rushed to the car when leaving.
Entering the casino for the first time and it was huge. Gambling is just not my thing, even if its for fun. I rather waste my money on shopping. haha. Don't know why.

On the way down its my first time to visit this beautiful temple. Feng Lai Xian Jing 逢来仙境.
We were passing through and Jin was pointing to this place and I said I've never been in it. She was like 'WHAT?' and ended up turning into the entrance for me to have a look. Love you lots! <3

Here's me posing on the stairs with the super flash light on and 0'c temperature. oops exaggerated.
Just noticed that my satchel bag was open. xD

The place is super nice. Shall come back in the daytime someday. There's lots of sculptures and even some kind of replica of the 18 layers of hell. I dare not go in at night. O.o

Candid shot by Jin. Hate the flash. 

The pagoda. 

There's Mister Genting looking at you. 
Lim Goh Tong's statue.

Stay tune for the next update! 


{shimin} I got my Style ! said...

the Japanese food looks nice !XD

Ningxi said...

Yea.. Super delicious! Speaking of food I'm hungry ald.. :p