09 July, 2010

After such a long time.♥

Finally, I've completed first year medicine.

One year wasn't very long, but it wasn't very short too. One minute you're struggling with lectures and the other you're waiting for results. The last few weeks were really difficult. I nearly went mad with the exams and couldn't concentrate. I couldn't study, couldn't focus and just felt like throwing everything away. I felt like quitting.

My family supported me, through all those troubling trips to bring me food, I know that they were sad too, to see me like that. My baby, who made all those efforts talking me through things. I'm glad have these people with me. Now that everything's over, I learnt my lesson from my mistakes. I've been lazy. I didn't use my time wisely to study. If I have another chance, I won't make this happen again.

Things have been very very hectic and too happening. I wish I have the time to myself. I want to ponder over my decisions, if possible, I would do nothing, rest my mind and emptying them to make space for more new meaningful things. I want a vacation to myself, somewhere quiet and beautiful.