16 December, 2009

Christmas!!!!! and exams.... !!

It's been a long time again since I've bothered to update my bloggie.. Been lazy... X)

Time really has been flying. It's December already and guess what, CHRISTMAS is coming!!!! This is the festive I love most!!! Gifts, carols, shopping, eating, cheers.... Everything about christmas just makes you smile =)

Christmas this year will be a mess. The factor is EXAMS.

Exams are just around the corner... It just pricks you hard when you are dreaming about christmas plans and suddenly remembered about the heaps of books you haven't studied... Why do I pick such a course??

Sometimes I might think that this route is not for me... I don't mean I have no abilities to pass through those 5 insane years, but my lifestyle just doesn't suit into the picture.
I felt quite distressed about me picking the wrong route but I can't bear with the consequences of me not continuing my course.

Just a little voice calling out maybe, just MAYBE... If you see my wearing Sarong Kebaya on Singapore airlines or MAS airlines, don't be too surprised.. I may have picked the pretty Sarong Kebaya over those boring white coats and stethoscopes.

Anyway, this MIGHT happen. Just to come back to reality, it had been 4 months in my degree and I have been enjoying myself A LOT.
Trips, shopping, birthdays , I even started to enjoy classes. Things all around us are unlimited and learning new things seemed to reveal part by part the knowledge the universe holds. It makes you feel alive. I start to appreciate the people around me, not knowing when we have too part. I started to appreciate the things around me as well, knowing how lucky I am now by having the chance of happiness which others may not have a chance of holding to.

Thanks to all those around me and those who are not. They taught me the lesson of holding on and letting go. Not to appreciate only when things are gone.

Still, I have to stop being lazy.
STUDY is the only thing I should do now.

My good friend for this hour - BOSS coffee latte.