22 May, 2012

Growing up

Just locked my old blog @ xanga.com. I had a good laugh by viewing all my posts there. I was so childish! lol. Felt stupid and foolish. WHY ON EARTH I WOULD WRITE SOMETHING LIKE THAT? OMFG. Believe me you would laugh at yourself if you read your old posts written when you were younger.

I guess that's the process of growing up. I felt my maturation in mind and viewpoints in life. Things that used to disturb me doesn't really matter now. You even forgot those stuff happened until you came across something that reminded you about it.
Life taught me everything I need to know at my level or age. I may have seen and experienced more than others about HUMANS, cuz I'm exposed to different kinds of environment, and I'm not afraid to know more. Some people grow up sooner than the others, and when I mention 'growing up', I'm not referring to physical maturation, its the mental maturation we should aim for. The more you see and experience, the more you learn to be less self-centered and will try to fit yourself in other's position, you might actually understand their situation rather than blaming or scolding or even cursing the one you hate, just because they've done something you don't like. You will tend to think that everything they do is bad, cuz you hate them.

There's no such thing as PURE GOOD or PURE BAD. A good person will sin; a criminal will sacrifice for love too. Then, can you label them as 'good' or 'bad'?

Short post today. Peace.

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